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Part One: 英语能力测试

Reading Comprehension

Passage A

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage.

Chinais already the world’s third largest producer of electronics, and becoming a player in the global appliance market. Twenty years ago, U.S., European and Japanese companies started moving into Chinato supply the local market with household goods. Now those same companies are getting whipped by Chinese competitors. Over the past six years, the market share of foreign TV makers in Chinahas dropped from 70 percent to less than 20 percent. Matsushita opened the first microwave-oven plant in Chinain 1995. Two years later the Chinese company Galanz started making microwaves and selling them for half Matsushita’s price.
Chinese companies now make more than 43 million TVs yearly. Konka, one ofChina’s largest TV makers, sells its branded TVs in theUnited States, and has set up factories inMexico to service the American market; While TCL, another major TV maker, exported 11 million units from its Chinese factories last year. It has more Southeast Asian factories than any other Chinese company. (164 words)
1. This passage is primarily concerned with ( A )
A. the world’s third largest producer of electronics B. Chinese electronic companies
C. China’s largest TV makers D. the increase of China’s electronics
2. What do “whipped” mean? ( C )
A. beat with a whip B. won C. defeated D. suffered
3. What is the decreased rate of the market share of foreign TV makers in China? ( C )
A. 70% B. 20% C. 50% D. 20%–70%
4. When did Galanz start making and selling microwaves? ( D )
A. 1993 B. 1994 C. 1995 D. 1997
5. Which of the following produces more TV sets? ( C )
A. Galanz B. Konka C. TCL D. Unknown

Passage B

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage.

Today, there are many avenues open to those who wish to continue their education. However, nearly all require some break in one’s career in order to attend school full time.
『Part time education, that is, attending school at night or for one weekend a month, tends to drag the process out over time and puts the completion of a degree program out of reach of many people. 』①Additionally, such programs require a fixed time commitment which can also impact negatively on one’s career and family time.
Of the many approaches to teaching and learning, however, perhaps the most flexible and accommodating is that called distance learning. Distance learning is an educational method which allows the students the flexibility to study at his or her own pace to achieve the academic goals which are so necessary in today’s world. The time required to study may be set aside at the student’s convenience with due regard to all life’s other requirements. Additionally, the student may enroll in distance learning courses from virtually any place in the world, while continuing to pursue their chosen career. 『Tutorial assistance may be available via regular airmail, telephone, facsimile machine, teleconferencing and over the Internet.』②
Good distance learning programs are characterized by the inclusion of a subject evaluation tool with every subject. This precludes the requirement for a student to travel away from home to take a test. Another characteristic of a good distance learning program is the equivalence of the distance learning course with the same subject materials as those students taking the course on the home campus. The resultant diploma or degree should also be the same whether distance learning or on-campus study is employed. The individuality of the professor/student relationship is another characteristic of a good distance learning program. In the final analysis, a good distance learning program has a place not only for the individual student but also the corporation or business that wants to work in partnership with their employees for the educational benefit, professional development, and business growth of the organization. Sponsoring distance learning programs for their employees gives the business the advantage of retaining career-minded people while contributing to their personal and professional growth through education.
6. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of part time education?( A )
A. It requires some break in one’s career.
B. It tends to last too long for many people to complete a degree program.
C. It affects one’s career.
D. It gives the student less time to share with the family.
7. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of distance learning? ( D )
A. The student may choose his or her own pace.
B. The student may study at any time to his or her convenience.
C. They can pursue their chosen career while studying.
D. Their tutorial assistance comes through regular airmail, telephone, facsimile machine, etc.
8. What benefit will distance learning program bring to a business? ( D )
A. Recruitment of more talented people.
B. Good image of the business.
C. Better cooperation with universities.
D. Further training of employees and business growth.
9. Good distance learning program have the following characteristic EXCEPT . ( C )
A. distance learning course is the same as students taking courses in campus
B. the result diploma or degree should be same as on campus study
C. professor-student relationship is strictly one to one all through the course
D. includes subject evaluation tool 10. What benefit will distance learning bring to an employee of a business? ( A )
A. Professional growth.
B. Good relationship with the employer.
C. Good impression on the employer.
D. Higher salary.


English to Chinese


1、The lecturer set a good explanation of the argument, and he suggested that we should judge a person all-roudly instead of by his apperance.




2、The findings show in general terms that contraction of the brain begins sooner in people in the country than in the towns.




3、Suffering from such a big mental pain, he looked as if he was 10 years older




Chinese to English




What specific goals,including those related to your occupation,have you established for your life?




Please give me a chance,I will be to treasure it .



I hope to demonstrate my ability and talents in my field adequately.


Part Two: 计算机基础测试




1、 以下正确描述面向对象技术的选项有 ( ABCD)

A 是一种软件建模技术 B 描述系统中交互作用的对象

C 将对象组织成相关的类型 D 是一个过程


2、 传统的软件工程采用 ( A )

A 瀑布模型 B 螺旋上升模型

C 数据建模驱动模型 D 对象驱动模型


3、 以下哪些类型属于整型数据(选择所有正确答案) ( ABCD )

A int B byte C long

D char E float F double


4、 在java语言中switch(c),以下哪种类型不能作为c的类型 ( B )

A int B long

C byte D char


5、 以下java程序用来判断1-100之间的整数a是否是素数,.逻辑正确吗? ( B )

public boolean isFactor(int a) throws Exception{

if(a < 1 || a > 100) throw new Exception(“a is not between1and100”);

for(int i = 2; i <= 10; i++){

if( a % i == 0) return false;


return true;


A 正确 B 错误

6、 以下哪类组件是java的web组件(选择所有正确答案) ( BD )


C ADO.net D Servlet

7、 以下哪些是数据库编程技术(选择所有正确答案) ( ABCD )



8、 XML代表的意思是 ( A )

A 可扩展标记语言(eXtensible Markup Language)

B 可交换标记语言(eXchangeable Markeup Language)

9、 描述C++语言正确的有 ( C )

A 纯面向对象的语言 B 一个C++源文件中只能有一个类

C 类可以多继承 D 类不能多继承





1、一个关系数据库中有表student,该表中有列字符列name, address, 有日期列birthday, 有整数列id,id为组件,请写出一个查询语句找出name以M打头的所有学生的id, address和birthday列.

Select id , address. birthday from , student Where name like ‘M%’.





Part Three: 逻辑能力测试


1、一家里有兄妹俩,1993年的时候,哥哥21岁,妹妹的年龄当时是7岁,请问到什么时候,哥哥的年龄才会是妹妹年龄的两倍? ( D )

A.1997年 B.1998年 C.1999年 D.2000年 E.2001年

2、汽油对于汽车,相当于食物对于什么? ( D )

A.嘴 B.胃 C.吃 D.人 E.牙

3、请从以下词语中找出与众不同的一个。 ( C )

A .天津 B.济南 C.武汉 D.杭州 E.上海

4、数列5-9-14-23- 接着这列数的最后一个数字应该是什么? ( C )

A .27 B.36 C.37 D.39 E.以上都不对

5、27个小运动员在参加完比赛后,口渴难耐,去小店买饮料,饮料店搞促销,凭三个空瓶可以再换一瓶,他们最少买多少瓶饮料才能保证一人一瓶? ( B )

A .17 B.18 C.19 D.20

6、假设你有8个球,其中一个略微重一些,但是找出这个球的惟一方法是将两个球放在天平上对比。最少要称多少次才能找出这个较重的球? ( B )

A.1次 B.2次 C.3次 D.4次

7、一只蜗牛从井底爬到井口,每天白天蜗牛要睡觉,晚上才出来活动,一个晚上蜗牛可以向上爬3尺,但是白天睡觉的时候会往下滑2尺,井深10尺,问蜗牛几天可以爬出来? ( B )

A.7天 B.8天 C.9天 D.6天


以下哪一个推理明显说明上述论证不成立? ( A )






(1) 4位男士中,有3个高个子,2名博士,1人长相英俊;




请问谁符合李娜要求的全部条件? ( C )

A.刘大伟 B.李强 C.吴刚 D.王威

10、军训最后一天,一班学生进行实弹射击。几位教官谈论一班的射击成绩。 ( A )